The IBC Network Foundation was formed out of the efforts of Terry Arnold, an IBC survivor. She was determined to educate everyone about this "orphan" form of cancer. After 4 months of misdiagnoses, she was diagnosed with TN IBC in August, 2007. This experience fueled her to do more for IBC.  In this video she shares her personal story.

Not long after completing treatment, she meet Lori Grennan. Lori was diagnosed with IBC at the age of 32. Together, Lori and Terry decided to fund a research project. The IBC Network Foundation was formed and quickly funded its first research project. Now just over 3 years later, The IBC Network has funded over $330,000 to research.

Our all-volunteer run charity is doing all we can to foster a close relationship with the IBC community and to improve the landscape of IBC with education and funding research.


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